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France is a country where people are obsessed with life. Using the services of Trip Mega Mart travel portal developers in Europe, tourists to France can experience this common sentiment. It is reflected in everyday living. A visitor friendly country, France clocks more than 200 million tourists.

Not all of these visitors have a good travel technology solution in Europe that they can use to good effect. This staggering number of visitors easily places France as one of the top destinations for international tourism. France has held this position for three decades now. And it shows no signs of relenting.

So, there are good opportunities for travel and tours companies to flourish in the French tourism market. Travel agencies can use travel technologies of a good white label travel portal development in Europe firm to support their travel franchise opportunities in Europe or travel start-up opportunities in Europe.

Tourism will continue to be France’s top priority. The French Republic’s President has set goals in this regard. The goals were conveyed at the inaugural Destination France meet-up. The interest in France will continue unabated. Unlike before, France is much more than about Paris and its fashion streets. The country also excites niche tours lovers, culture tourists, cheese tourism aficionados, and skiing adventurers.

How can a travel agency use travel portal development to serve tourists to France?

Facilitate cultural tours

The country has several regions. Each region has its distinct culture. From the 17th century, France has been widely regarded as the center of culture. The cultural extravaganza in the country has been influenced by many cultures. The innumerable places to visit in France are testimony to this fact. Visitors get a first-hand experience of the depth of the French culture at these places.

Moulin Rouge, Louvre Museum, Cathedral de Notre Dame, Luxembourg Garden, and Les Invalides are some of the many places of interest in France. Each of these places provides distinct experiences to travelers.

A travel agency can facilitate such cultural tours for travelers using the technological solutions of a B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe, B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe, and B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe firm. They can have access to culture tour service providers – using one single portal.

Wine tasting tours

Bubbly champagne, rich burgundy, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir – all of these are common terms used to describe an inextricable part of this country’s culture. These are wines – and they breathe life into the culture of this country. On guided vineyard and wine tasting travelers, one gets to see centuries old wine cellars, taste wine, learn about wine production, and enjoy delicious wine all along.

It is an opportunity for wine lovers to expand their knowledge on viticulture. It is also a way to travel to the finest wine making yards in the world. A travel agency using Trip Mega Mart international travel portal development in Europe technology can act as a mediator or intermediary for travelers.

This is can be done using online travel portal development in Europe. The way how to develop travel portal in Europe for wine tasting tours is to make the travel portal an online hub for various wine tasting tour companies to offer their services. Travelers can pick and choose services from across all service providers. This can be achieved using Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in Europe at low travel portal development cost in Europe.

Apart from staple GDS flight API integration in Europe at low GDS flight API integration cost in Europe, Trip Mega Mart portals can have customized integrations. Travel agencies can use the services of a White Label Travel Portal Development Company in Europe to integrate all service providers’ services into the travel portal solution online in Europe for France visitors.

French village tours

Traveling through the French countryside is a refreshing experience. Some travelers, especially the visitors who have been to France before, request such niche travels. The country is home to some of the most beautiful villages in the world. Locronan, Rochefort-en-Terre, Saint-Ceneri-le-Gerei, Montresor, Pesmes, Chateau-Chalon, and Riquewihr are some of the popular villages. Using TripMega Mart travel website development in Europe, travel agencies that are setting up a travel agency business in Europe can start offering niche village tours of France.

A travel agency can help travelers experience the life, culture, and events of French villages. The travel agency can become flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in Europe. The travel agency can use Trip Mega Mart flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in Europe to help travel agents use the travel portal as a common platform to manage their bookings.

By providing a travel portal or mobile app or a flight reservation system in Europe built by Trip Mega Mart, travelers can book a series of customized services. They can view and select from local events, eateries, and accommodations. They can make bookings of car rentals, bikes, boats, taxis, and private cars. Providing these facilities is a definitive way to increase business prospects in France.

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