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The travel industry has unveiled a huge potential with the incorporation of various technologies. One popular product of such innovations is the travel portal. The portals have completely changed the way travel operators conduct their business. Rather than just serving as points of contact for hotel or bus booking, the operators have now started wearing various hats. So, an agent willing to start travel agency business in Europe will now have to consider the online market instead of the traditional locations.

Europe has been in the bucket list of travellers for several decades now. However, one European country that has exceptionally encountered visitors for years is Portugal. Though not a big country in terms of area, Portugal is full of surprises for its visitors. The liveliness of the place combined with the great hospitality of the people keeps bringing tourists back to this place.

Some of the places in Portugal that tourists love to explore are Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, Evora, Sintra, and Cascais. All these cities and towns are ideal for the prosperity of travel businesses. However, you must have a suitable platform built by professionals such as Trip Mega Mart to tap the frequent travellers.

Why Travel Website Development in Europe?

Travel websites serve as an open marketplace where you can sell travel products to customers or to other businesses. You can partner with an experienced white label travel portal development company in Europe, such as Trip Mega Mart, and enjoy the plenty of benefits of using the portal.

  • Availability Report: By integrating your travel website with a flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in Europe, you can allow customers to view the updated availability status of hotel rooms and flights. The customers can check the report directly on your portal and make a booking without needing any third-party intervention.
  • Customer Feedback: Travel portals are a great way of capturing and posting customer reviews. The shared feedback can go a long way in providing your business with visibility among the new and existing customers. Trip Mega Mart can help you with a design layout that makes gleaning feedback from customers easy and not time consuming.
  • Separate Dashboards: You can avail a separate dashboard for agents for managing bookings. This will help you to keep track of the transactions without losing any data. Similarly, the travellers can have a separate dashboard for themselves where they can view their booking history.
  • Payment Gateways: Travel portals facilitate instant booking with the help of payment gateways. This means customers can pay for the products they buy on the portal itself. Trip Mega Mart is an expert portal designing company that can help you with an easy integration of payment gateways to your website.
  • Notifications: Another great advantage of travel portals is that you can send customers reminders and updates about their upcoming trip with you. This is useful in keeping customers informed about any changes that occur in their booking. You also notify customers about the latest deals on your website.

How to Start Online Travel Agency Business in Portugal?

To start a travel business in Portugal, you will have to comply with the legal specifications given by the government. For instance, you will have to provide details of your company name, address, and bank account to the authority. You will also have to provide articles of association and your business plan. Additionally, you will need to register your business as a private limited company, limited partnership, or a public company based on your company goals and capital. The Directing Council of Turismo de Portugal is the responsible body for issuing permits related to travel business.

Apart from legal formalities, you must also consider a few factors before setting up a travel agency business in Europe. You must select a domain that suits your interest and, at the same time, is popular among the travellers. For instance, opting for a GDS flight API integration in Europe can be beneficial for your business as travellers today are more inclined to booking airline tickets from portals where they can check availability as per the desired dates. You can seek assistance on this from industry leaders like Trip Mega Mart, who have sufficient experience in catering to the needs of travellers.

However, there are some aspects of the developing team that you should focus on before collaborating.

With the right team, you can enjoy an ultimate travel technology solution in Europe. The travel portal will help you to administer your business better, interact with customers efficiently, and keep customers informed about their travel plans.

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