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Most travel enthusiasts who take on regular adventures around the world must have some cities of the United Kingdom at the top of their dream travel lists. Cities like Manchester, London, and Edinburgh all have years of history mixed in with modern metropolitan facilities to create a signature aesthetic. In 2018 around 7 million international tourists visited the United Kingdom.

This massive traffic of tourists has led to the rapid development of UK’s travel tourism industry. Now many modern day young entrepreneurs are making the use of digital platforms to expand this travel industry and create successful online travel businesses.

Ideas to start online travel agency business in Europe

  • Online travel agencies do not require additional expenditure on office space and infrastructural costs. It can be run from home with no very little operational costs. But building a website requires high levels of technical expertise and it can become quite expensive to hire developers to create an online travel portal. A much easier and less expensive solution is the purchase of a white label website.
  • Trip Mega Mart is one of the most highly reputed companies for B2B/B2C white label travel portal development in Europe. These are pre-built websites that can be customized to fit into the business model of any travel business.
  • The websites have GDS flight API integration in Europe so that they can collect and display price and ticket availability from a number of different airline carriers. This saves the customer’s time and makes them more likely to visit the travel portal again. Trip Mega Mart develops flight and hotel booking engines for travel agents in Europe, car rental systems, tour package reservation systems. All these systems use the best quality of API suppliers.
  • Trip Mega Mart travel portal development company in United Kingdom also ensures that each of their white label products contains its own built-in payment gateway. This gateway is secured with layers of encryption and can process payments with just one click. The website design also allows for quick integration with third party payment portals.
  • Travel website development in Europe by Trip Mega Mart also focuses on the future usability of the website by business owners after delivery. For this reason, all Trip Mega Mart websites come with a large number of admin access features. Admins who do not have much understanding of technicalities of website development can also make minor changes to the website front end. Trip Mega Mart websites are also optimized for viewing on all kinds of devices and all types of browsers. Mobile users as well as desktop viewers will get the same performance.
  • Trip Mega Mart also gives their clients the choice of the scaling of their business. A business owner can operate their Trip Mega Mart white label website at a local level or regional level and then scale it up to operate internationally.

Website design for online travel portal development in Europe

  • Just because Trip Mega Mart sells white label travel portals does not mean that they do not focus on website design. They employ a team of highly skilled website designers who customize every single website with the business name and logo of the client business. Additional customizations in terms of changes in colours, layout and fonts are also available.
  • The basic objective of the design team is to create interactive and user-friendly interfaces that can be operated intuitively by all kinds of customers. The design team also works hard to ensure that there are interesting elements in the design of each and every website.
  • Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution online in Europe is preferred by business owners because they provide a great user-experience for customers along with the ability to handle high volumes of traffic. The websites also have unique aesthetics that make the job of the marketing teams much easier. Travel and tourism is a competitive business and in order to survive a good design along with effective features is essential.

Cost to start online travel agency business in Europe: Trip Mega Mart pricing

  • Trip Mega Mart white label travel websites are generally quite affordable. They have a few varieties in website types with each type having a different price and different set of features. Basic customizations are included within the website plan, but clients can also pay for some additional customizations.
  • There is also a provision to add individual travel agent portals to a travel business website by paying a small extra fee. Trip Mega Mart charges clients a small annual fee, 25% of website plan. This fee pays for the general maintenance and upkeep of the website along with covering the API supplier charges.
  • Most clients who purchase Trip Mega Mart white label websites are able to earn much more than this annual fee. Travel and tourism in UK have become a major industry that employs a large number of people and sustains many livelihoods. If you also want to break into this industry and earn profits quickly without making a big investment then Trip Mega Mart is your perfect business partner.

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