GDS Flight API Integration in Europe

GDS Flight API Integration in Europe

Global Distribution System, abbreviated as GDS is an Internet based booking network. A Trip Mega Martwhite label travel website in Europe is integrated with GDS and several other travel services. GDS is used by travel agents, corporations, and booking websites to reserve airplane seats, accommodations, car rentals, hotel rooms and several other travel services.

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A GDS API provides a huge inventory of travel services that are accessible from one platform. So, travel agents can make bookings from one website instead of using multiple websites to make multiple bookings. From within a Trip Mega Mart portal, it is possible to book any type of service in any European country, if you have setup your portal this way.

A GDS uses inventory from real-time data. This means only the most updated information is available to end-users. Travel agencies wanting to start travel agency business online in Europe rely on the accuracy of GDS estimates for determining products, rates, and specific travel related information.

A GDS can not only link services, bookings, rates, and products, but all associated travel services as well. Irrespective of whether the end-user is reserving an airline, hotel, or car, all integrated services related to these bookings are available to be viewed or transacted as well.

A Trip Mega Mart is already integrated with GDS. So, if you are looking to start travel agency business in Europe, you can focus only on how to start travel agency business in Europe rather than worry about travel portal development in Europe.

Is there one GDS or multiple of them?

GDS is an Internet based service that is created by a company. So, there is not one, but multiple of these systems. A travel portal can integrate with as many GDS as required. A Trip Mega Mart portal can have customized GDS flight API integration in Europe with nominal GDS flight API integration cost in Europe.

When setting up a travel agency business in Europe, the choice of GDS selected depends on the region being serviced. If it is the European market, then a GDS has to be chosen that provides reservation services in European countries such as Germany, Holland, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and so on. Some of the well-known GDS companies are Amadeus, Sabre, Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan.

What are some of the features and benefits of GDS?

Displays inventory of hotels, airline seats, and cars

The GDS system updates its databases with the latest information on the available inventory frequently. Current day GDS will even update every second, giving travelers no stale inventory information. Because of GDS, travel portal development cost in Europe is less when compared to the benefits realized by getting access to so many services.

Can be accessed by B2B and B2C

GDS is not just made for businesses but also customers as well. Travel agencies can use GDS integration in their travel websites to provide booking services to customers. This is B2C – and it helps travel agents to start directly servicing customers without worrying about how to develop travel portal in Europe. In B2B, a travel company can access data of various types provided by the GDS – some of them which may not be relevant to the customer. This is because based on the type of partnership, a GDS may also provide reports, regulation information, business directives and so on.

Increased coverage

Travel agencies can provide travel services to their customers by way of another travel service operator. This type of business engagement between two travel operators is called shared marketing. Both the businesses share the profits based on a pre-agreed rate. The business relationship can be unidirectional or bidirectional. This type of symbiotic business links increases service coverage.

One window interface

Because of GDS, travel agencies can offer a single user interface on their Trip Mega Mart travel portals for enabling customers to book any type of service. Without GDS, the customers may have to be navigated to multiple websites. Each of these websites will have their own login credentials. All of this creates a negative user experience. Something that international travel portal development in Europe can do without. With a one window interface, a travel agency can offer any type of service to customers by integrating the GDSs providing this service integration.

Competitive rates and favorable commissions

GDS creates a fair market for travel agents. Everyone contributes to the travel industry. It is possible for travel service providers to have deals and partnerships because of GDS. Assume that your travel agency has inked a deal with an accommodation services provider. So, based on your marketing of their services to your customers, if your customers choose this accommodation services provider, you may get a commission per customer booking. You can work with Trip Mega Mart, the premier B2B White Label travel portal development in Europe company to setup this functionality on a case by case basis.


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