Top Reasons to Use Travel Portal Technology to Start Online Travel Agency Business in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fast and important contributor to the economy of this country. Travel agencies can utilize Trip Mega Mart travel portal developers in Europe to service Bosnian travellers. Bosnia and Herzegovina is called as Bosnia-Herzegovina, BiH, B&H, or just Bosnia. Located in south-eastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, the country has an impressive number of sightseeing and touristic locations.

Medieval villages, Dinaric Alps, rivers, lakes, the capital city of Sarajevo, Ottoman-era structures, mosques, and historical sites – are all part of a tour of Bosnia. Tourists visit all these regions at all times of the year. Travel agencies can make visits of travellers fulfilling by giving them services via Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution in Europe.

Bosnia has inbound tourists during the summer and winter seasons too. Those who visit Bosnia also tend to visit neighbouring country Croatia for shopping. Croatia has lower prices for goods and commodities in Europe, so visiting Bosnia is a good opportunity to visit Croatia. Using a travel solution, travel agencies can become flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in Europe or provide flight and hotel aggregate services via the portal to facilitate such multi-country tours.

How can a travel agency leverage travel portal development to increase its business prospects in Bosnia?

Automate Medieval village tours: 

  • The region of Bosnia and Herzegovina was very active during the medieval period. The country still retains the influences of the Roman and Ottoman periods.
  • There are innumerable medieval sites such as trading centres, fortifications, religious buildings, orthodox monasteries, catholic churches, and Islamic mosques that were places of activity during the medieval period.
  • Given that there is a huge influx of visitors to these sites Trip Mega Mart can build flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in Europe or flight reservation system in Europe to handle mass bookings.
  • Drijeva, Doboj, Foca, Blagaj Fort, Buzim Fort, Borac, Hodidjed, Komotin Fort, Srebrenik Fortress, Dobricevo Monastery, Sase Monastery, Emperor’s Mosque, Dzivar Mosque, and Serefudin’s White Mosque are the some of the places to visit in Bosnia in this regard.
  • Using strong travel website development in Europe, when setting up a travel agency business in Europe, helping the travellers visit all these places and helping them obtain customized services should be the goal of a travel agency.

Help travellers to book Bosnian pyramid tours: 

  • There has been an increase in inbound tourism in Bosnia after the discovery of the pyramid complex of Bosnia. Essentially these are a group of hills in Visoko. A Bosnian businessman once claimed that these natural hills were man-made. Although his claims have been questioned, people still visit this complex that has attained a notion of being an archaeological site.
  • A travel agency can help Bosnian pyramids tourists with integrated services. Apart from out-of-the-box GDS flight API integration in Europe at low GDS flight API integration cost in Europe, Trip Mega Mart can build customized integrations.
  • The interest in the Bosnian pyramids is more of curiosity. It is visited by people to check if the notion of it being a pyramid complex is accurate. The symmetrical dispositions of the hills do suggest that they might have been man-made. Using the services of Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development company in Europe visitors can be given comprehensive Bosnian pyramid tours.
  • But at the same time, the sheer magnitude and enormity of the hills raises doubts as to how feasible it might have been to accumulate this much land mass using man-made methods. So, to satiate these cravings for information, virtual walkthroughs can be uploaded on a site. This type of functionality can be built into a travel portal solution online in Europe by Trip Mega Mart.

Help travellers experience the cities of Bosnia Herzegovina: 

An example of a Bosnian city tour visit is a visit to Tuzla, where one gets to see old towns. Although Tuzla is an industrialized region, the towns till retain the Ottoman era home and building architectures. The Turalibeg Mosque is a shining example of this. The Trg Slobode medieval square is another masterpiece that presents a unique all-encompassing view of the city and its spellbinding architectural beauty.

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