What are the benefits of a travel portal solution in Malta for travel agencies serving Malta travelers


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Malta is a country that perfectly fuses a mythical and glorious past with a thriving contemporary modern charm. A travel agency can give international visitors an opportunity to travel this country by using Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Developers in Europe technologies.

Found in Malta are places and things that will inspire anyone’s imagination. Using a travel technology solution in Europe for Malta tourists, a travel agency can enable easy access to these locations for travelers.

Stunning temples with awe-inspiring architecture that will leave any history buff wanting more. Underwater caves that transport one’s imagination into mythical eras that once might have been. Ancient buildings that would have stood testimony to invasions, rulers, and sparkly civilizations.Historians, history lovers and fantasizers would love a travel portal solution online in Europe where they can research about these places and then make the necessary bookings.

There are many travel agents serving tourists to these regions. A travel agency can use Trip Mega Mart Flight & Hotel Aggregators for Travel Agents in Europe and Flight & Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents in Europe modules to allow travel agencies easy access to the flight and hotel services.

Malta tourism has been experiencing a year on year inbound traveler growth of 14%. Travelers want an intelligent Flight Reservation System in Europe from travel agencies for cross country travels. Travel agencies can when setting up a travel agency business in Europe invoke Trip Mega Mart travel website development in Europe for this activity.

The travel website can have staple integrations such as GDS Flight API Integration in Europe built at low GDS Flight API Integration Cost in Europe. Along with such integrations, several other integrations can be created. Travel agencies can use the 360 degrees services of Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development Company in Europe for this.

Tourism still remains one of the pillars of this country’s economy. The country wants more international travel portal development in Europe activity to serve Malta tourists. The World Travel and Tourism Council credits Malta tourism to have generated large numbers of local employment. This positive trend is expected to continue in the next decade and more.

How can travel agencies use a travel portal to serve travelers to Malta?

Arrange for megalithic temple tours

Malta is an island country, and so is its neighbor country, Gozo. Malta and Gozo have several temples built by humans who lived in the Neolithic age. Roughly inhabiting these islands about five or six thousand years ago, the Neolithic age inhabitants have created an impressive group of structures. These are the Malta and Gozo megalithic temples.

Every year from around the world, visitors arrive at these sites. Travel agencies can support such travelers. It can be done via a travel portal. The travel portal can allow travelers on megalithic temple tours to book accommodations, travel services, travel guides, and educational tours. Travel agencies can also cater to a worldwide community of archaeologists by having dedicated functionality and services for them. This can be done using Trip Mega Mart Online Travel Portal development in Europe.

Help travelers visit the ancient Mdina

Malta’s ancient capital is a testimony of the grandeur that was permeating through the streets and pathways of this historical city. One of the ways how to develop travel portal in Europe is to have virtual walkthroughs. Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in Europe can build this type of functionality.

One of the popular activities is just strolling through the picturesque alleys and streets. There are numerous museums along the way, and it is a good opportunity to check into all these museums and get a taste of history.

A travel agency can help travelers plan their Mdina tours. They can plan to check out local events, eateries, and exotic adventures. The area of Mdina has seen inhabitants from the Bronze Age. Ancient civilizations namely Romans and Phoenicians had their settlements here. There are also elements of Arabia because this place was ruled by Arabs for a short duration.

Help travelers plan HMS Maori deep sea diving tours

The warm climate of Malta enables scuba divers to enjoy refreshing underwater trips. One popular underwater sea diving site in Malta is HMS Maori. Swimming, diving, and snorkeling are common activities here. This site has numerous military wrecks, some of them from World War 2. The famous wreck is the HMS Maori. This destroyer ship was attacked by the Germans and sunk. At about 14 meters deep, this wreck lies on the sea floor.

Because of its shallow reach and easy access, it is a good spot for scuba divers to visit this wreck underwater. There are several scuba diving tours operators providing such tours. Paraphernalia and equipment is provided by them. A travel agency can do some background work to get verified and vetted deep sea diving operators onboard the travel portal.

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