GDS Flight API Integration Cost in Europe

GDS Flight API Integration Cost in Europe

Every travel enthusiast’s bucket list feature countries like France, Italy or Turkey. These European countries are some of the most favoured international tourist hotspots of the world. They offer a blend of unique heritage and culture with beautiful sceneries that draw people in. But this massive number of tourists also requires a lot of travel related services to cater to their needs.

These needs are satisfied by the numerous travel businesses that operate in various European countries. Nowadays more online travel portals are also joining the fray on travel businesses in Europe.


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How to start travel agency business in Europe

With the online marketplace opening up to the travel industry, it has become quite easy to start a travel agency in Europe. Most business owners are now going for a simple white label travel portal. Trip Mega Mart provides B2B white label travel portal development in Europe. They create white label websites that can be customized with the business owner’s brand name and logo. But the features for travel businesses are all built into the website.

All Trip Mega Mart websites have the travel essential GDS flight API integration in Europe built in. This API system collects and updates real time data on flight ticket availability and prices so that customers can book their tickets directly from the travel portal without having to check the portals of numerous flight operators. API systems can also be used for hotel booking engines and car reservation systems which collect information from a number of hotel and car suppliers. Moreover, Trip Mega Mart uses the API service of the top providers in the world at present to ensure that their websites operate with the highest speed and efficiency.

Online travel portal development in Europe by Trip Mega Mart also pays attention to the backend and performance capacity of the websites. The website pages are very quick loading and optimized for viewing on all devices. They can sustain their speed even when facing high traffic of visitors. The sites also have great admin access features that allow admins with very little technical skills to also make some small changes in the services listing and pricing of their products. Trip Mega Mart websites are also generally popular in the travel industry for their scalable operations. This means that an online business that starts to operate locally today can gradually build up its facilities and services and then expand to regional or even international scale operations with the same website.

But these functional features are not enough without a secure means of making payments for the services. Trip Mega Mart portals have industry-leading payment portals that ensure safe transactions without data breaches or loss of funds. The transactions are also quick and easy with one click operations. Third-party payment portals can also be very easily integrated into Trip Mega Mart travel portal systems.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Europe

But why should a travel business owner choose a cookie cutter white label website instead of a new website where they will have full creative control? The immediate answer is cost. Website development is expensive and time-consuming while white label websites are much cheaper and can be set up in just a few days.

But Trip Mega Mart white label websites are not just run-of-the-mill portals without any character. Each website is customized. With some additional payments the client can also make changes to the basic design elements of the user-interface like colour scheme and font style. Trip Mega Mart designers are some of the best web designers in the industry and they are able to create a perfect harmony between user-friendliness and design creativity. Each website comes with certain signature design elements that can create instant brand recognition. But the interface still retains its ease of usage that allows all kinds of users to navigate the website intuitively irrespective of their level of computer skills.

Cost for International Travel Portal Development in Europe

Setting up traditional businesses requires office rooms and associated infrastructure which can be avoided with the help of an online travel business that can be run from somebody’s home. But the website needed for building an online travel business requires some basic features. Trip Mega Mart’s websites are some of the most affordable travel portals in the market at present that do not compromise on quality to reduce costs.

In order to satisfy all varieties of clients Trip Mega Mart has come up with multiple plans for travel portals all priced differently and with different sets of features. Travel agent portals can be added for a minimal price as well. Trip Mega Mart charges an annual maintenance fee (25% of website plan) but it is not too high and includes the continuity of the API service.

A white label website is the easiest and most economical way to start an online travel business in Europe. So if you are also planning to delve into the travel and tourism sector then it is best to partner with Trip Mega Mart right off the bat and get started with a high quality website that can be advertised and operated effectively.


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