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Travel portals are the new-age solution to the challenges that the constant evolving nature of the travel industry poses. With traveling becoming an integral part of today's culture, travelers are seen making more frequent trips to popular destinations like Germany. This large European country has as many as 80 cities that offer a splendid experience to visitors. Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf are the names of the most visited cities in Germany. While Christmas celebration is the major attraction in some of these cities, tourists keep looking for opportunities to visit this beautiful country.

So, to manage the crowd effectively and for setting up a travel agency business in Europe that stays ahead in the competition, agents need travel portals that professionals like Trip Mega Mart designs.

How to get a Travel Portal Solution in Germany?

An important aspect to start international travel agency business in Europe is deciding the company form that is suitable for your business so that you can register the company with the German authorities. There are many options to choose from. However, limited liability company (GmbH) is the most preferred business form. You need an investment of 25,000 euros to register your company as limited liability. You can make a part deposit of the total amount before registration. Once registered, you can then move on to the next important steps to start travel business from home in Europe. But remember to have some sort of a business plan that will guide you through the process.

If you are unsure of how to start travel business online in Europe, you can seek assistance. You do not need technical expertise to start your business on a travel portal. There are expert travel portal developers in Europe who can build you a customizable portal that will meet all the specific needs of your business. Trip Mega Mart is one such reliable company that can provide you with a desired travel portal. The portal will let you enjoy some significant features, such as the ones discussed here. 

  • Uninterrupted Customer Interaction: You can provide round-the-clock support to your customers using a travel portal. Chat bots and customer service department are some of the tools that you can employ to achieve an uninterrupted interaction with your customers. By providing quick resolution of customer queries, you will be able to provide a good customer service. Your scope of retaining customers will also enhance.
  • Support on Multiple Languages: You can design your travel portal to provide accessibility in multiple languages. This allows travelers from different regions to avail your services and generate more revenue for your business. You can even create chat responses in different languages so that customers can find solution in their preferred language. Trip Mega Mart can help you choose the most used languages for your portal.
  • Updated Travel Information: Using features like GDS flight API integration in Europe, you can post live updates about the availability of airline tickets. This will let your customers plan their trip based on the availability. You will also be able to provide competitive prices on air fares as well as hotel room booking through flight & hotel aggregators for travel agents in Europe.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Europe

The huge number of features that travel portals have can bring great benefits to your business.

  • Ease of administration - managing your business transaction becomes extremely convenient with travel portals. With every transaction recorded and stored on cloud, you can access all information without losing track of anything. You can track sales, prepare reports, or post updates on the portal from any location.
  • Better Market Presence - establishing your brand name in the market can become easier with travel portals. As customers will be able to locate your business on the internet, the chances of attracting customers to your company will increase greatly. Besides, you will be able to reach out to larger number of customers through the online market.  
  • Cost Effective - white label portals give you the opportunity to save money on researching every bit of the website. Companies like Trip Mega Mart can provide you with the layout of the portal along with the essential features. You can integrate your website to the portal and offer several services to customers using the appropriate flight & hotel booking engine for travel agents in Europe. You can function with minimum resources due to the automation of various aspects of the portal. You can also save on the cost to start online travel agency business in Europe by opting for white label platforms.

These are some of the ways that a travel portal solution online in Europe can contribute to the prosperity of your travel business. Expert services offered by Trip Mega Mart will let you achieve your desired goals effectively with the portal.

Travel Portal Solution In Germany

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