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Germany is a country rich in history, culture and natural beauty. As a country that was at the center of many significant world events German cities like Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin have emerged as top destinations on all travel bucket lists. International tourism has become a major contributor to the German economy. Travel businesses in Germany cater to this massive influx of people all year round. Now online travel businesses are also entering the market and giving traditional travel agencies tough competition.

Benefits of white label travel portal development in Europe as compared to older travel agencies: 

  • A travel agency in a traditional sense requires an office space and employees, both of which require regular expenditure. On the other hand, an online travel portal is a much simpler and cheaper business model that can be run from the comfort of one’s own home. White label travel portals have made this process even easier. White label travel portals are pre-built websites with all travel related features in-built.
  • The top rated company specializing in white label travel development for travel agencies in Germany is Trip Mega Mart. They create websites with GDS flight API integration in Europe. This means that a Trip Mega Mart website can collect information from a variety of airline operators about ticket prices and availability and then display it in a consolidated manner on the travel agency website. Customers prefer this comprehensive listing over individual listings on different websites.
  • Trip Mega Mart’s team for travel website development in Europe utilizes the API service from top rated international providers. The same API system is used for hotel booking engines, car reservation engines and tour package booking systems as well.
  • Customers pay for these flights and hotels through a payment portal that is part of Trip Mega Mart online travel portal development in Europe. The payment portal is built with layers of encryption to be completely secure, but it also responds quickly and completes payments with just a single click process. The website also integrates with third party payment portals very easily if needed.
  • Trip Mega Mart developers want to give their business owner clients a degree of control over their own business as well. So, all websites have admin control features with which any business owner or employee can make minor changes to the website front-end after it goes live. Software coding skills are not necessary to make these changes. The business owners also have the opportunity to decide on the scale of their business. Trip Mega Mart websites can operate at local, regional, national, or international scale.
  • Another very important feature of Trip Mega Mart travel technology solution in Europe is that the websites are all compatible with most devices and most browser applications. Customers can visit the site from their phones, computers, tablets, laptops and get the same quality of performance and loading speed.

Web designing for international travel portal development in Europe

  • Trip Mega Mart developers are also keen to ensure that their websites are unique and effective as business models. To do this every website is customized with the basic branding of the client business. Clients can pay for additional design as well as functional customizations.
  • This customization makes it easy to create signature marketing campaigns that can drive traffic to a travel website. But the visitors to a travel website will only make a purchase or come back to the site again depending on their customer experience.
  • In order to ensure the best customer experience Trip Mega Mart design teams, create user-interfaces that are fully intuitive. It can be used by anyone without any special training.

Expenditure needed to start travel agency business online in Europe

  • Trip Mega Mart provides their white label travel portal development service at an affordable price. They maintain flexibility in pricing with different price plans. Customers can choose a plan that fits their budget as well as their business requirements and operation scale.
  • Individual travel agent portals are also available to be added to travel agency websites for a small extra payment. Trip Mega Mart takes an annual fee from their customers. This is 25% of the original website price plan. Most business owners do not mind paying this fee as it covers the regular maintenance work on their website as well as the API service. In maximum cases business owners are able to earn profits from their white label website which are much higher than this annual fee.
  • The travel industry in Germany is highly competitive. There are hundreds of brands vying for a customer’s attention. In the online sphere as well, this rivalry is heating up. But a well-designed website and a good marketing acumen can easily transform a simple white label based business plan to a successful and growing business. So, if you also want to undertake this transformation and earn major rewards with just a minor investment, then contact Trip Mega Mart right now and get the quote for your travel business.

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