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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful city of Europe with a rich past that is still reflected in the country’s architecture even today. Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka are some of stunning cities of the country that have retained its old-world charm. History buffs as well as travel enthusiasts have much to experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina and every year a large number of tourists from within Europe and from other parts of the globe flock to this country. In order to cater to the increasing number of tourists visiting the country, a booming travel industry has developed in the country. Now many of these travel businesses are shifting online and new digital travel portals are also coming up.

How to start travel agency business online in Europe

  • If you are a budding entrepreneur planning to enter the travel industry in Europe then an online travel portal may be the easiest and safest option for you to enter the market. It can be operated from home and there are no additional expenses like office space. But building a new website from scratch can be an expensive and time-taking process which many start-ups cannot afford. A solution can be to purchase a white label travel portal. Trip Mega Mart is the best company for white label travel portal development in Europe. They create pre-built websites with all the necessary features for customers to fulfil their travel needs.
  • Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in Bosnia  and Herzegovina comes with GDS API flight integration in Europe. This means that the website can have a flight reservation system in Europe with real time data from all flight carriers. The customers can compare prices and availability on the white label travel portal itself without having to check individual airline websites. The API system can be used for hotel booking, car booking, tour packages as well.
  • Trip Mega Mart also ensures that their websites operate efficiently on all mobile devices as well as tablets and computers. Many customers nowadays make their online purchases through mobile phones so multi-device and multi-browser optimization is essential for a successful online business. Trip Mega Mart websites also have a high-quality payment portal built into them. The portal responds quickly and processes payments safely without any security breaches. Trip Mega Mart websites are also designed for quick integration with other third-party payment portals/gateways.
  • Another reason why most travel start-up ideas in Europe choose Trip Mega Mart is because their websites are very easy to scale up. Businesses can operate locally, nationally or internationally as and when they please using the same Trip Mega Mart website. The websites also come with important admin control features. Admins can easily make minor changes to their website front end even if they do not have any knowledge of software coding.

Design ideas for B2B/B2C white label travel portal development in Europe

  • Some entrepreneurs stay away from white label websites fearing that the websites will have no uniqueness. But every single Trip Mega Mart website is customized with the business name, logo and branding of their client. Clients can also pay to make some extra changes to the site.
  • This creates a signature look for every website which makes the websites easy to market and builds a brand identity for the travel business. Business owners will have to market their website and bring in  traffic, but once customers visit the site they will be immediately taken in by the attractive web design executed by teams of experienced professionals. Trip Mega Mart websites are also designed to be very user-friendly. Intuitive interfaces that respond quickly and effectively makes these white label websites the preferred choice among customers.

Cost to hire travel portal developers in Europe

  • There are a few companies that create and sell white label website solutions. But very few have the quality of service and affordability of Trip Mega Mart. Trip Mega Mart websites are available at multiple price points. There are different packages with their own sets of features and customizations to suit different budgets.
  • Customers can always make minor changes to the features or designing by paying small extra fees. Individual portals for travel agents can also be added to B2B/B2C white label travel portal development in Europe.
  • Trip Mega Mart’s roster of services does however come with an annual maintenance fee of 15% of the website cost. Most clients find this fee very reasonable and easy to pay from the profits they rake in from their website. The annual fee covers API service and basic website maintenance requirements.
  • A well-designed white label website contains all the necessary elements needed for a successful business plan. It is a low investment business that requires just a little bit of careful marketing and planning to stand out from the crowd of competitors. So, if you want to jump into the business world, but are scared of taking too many risks then contact Trip Mega Mart today and get your start in a highly profitable industry with a ready-made plan for success.

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