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Italy is home to some of the world’s most beautiful cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. Italy features at the top of almost all travel bucket lists and the tourism industry in Italy is one of the biggest in Europe. In 2017 travel and tourism contributed close to 13% of Italy’s GDP and this figure is expected to keep going up in the coming decades. So, if you are entrepreneur looking to develop a successful business in Italy then the travel industry may be the best place for you to start.

How to start travel agency business in Europe

  • Starting a travel business is not always easy. It requires investment in office infrastructure and employing a few essential workers to keep the workplace running along with all other travel related facilities. But it is much easier and requires much lesser capital to set up an online travel business.
  • Trip Mega Mart is the best travel portal development company in Italy. They provide B2C/B2B white label travel portal development in Europe. This means that aspiring business owners can purchase pre-built travel websites with all travel related features built into them. The websites are also customized to suit individual business requirements.
  • Trip Mega Mart white label websites have GDS flight API integration to run a flight reservation system in Europe. The website collects real time data about ticket availability, timing and prices from a number of airlines sites and then displays it at once on the travel portal. Customers can save time and energy by making their bookings directly from the travel portal. This API technology can be used for flight and hotel booking engine for travel agents in Europe, for car reservation systems, for tour package booking and other travel necessities.
  • Trip Mega Mart websites also have payment portals to collect the fees for these bookings. The customers can access the payment portal in just one click and payments are processed quickly and safely. Third party payment gateways can also easily be integrated into Trip Mega Mart websites.
  • Travel start-up ideas in Europe is not always the brainchild of technically skilled individuals. This means that business owners who purchase travel websites do not always possess knowledge of coding languages. Trip Mega Mart takes care of this problem by providing very easy admin control features for minor changes on the front-end. The business owners also have the independence to choose and modify their scale of operations. Trip Mega Mart websites are completely scalable and can perform adequately at local, regional or global scales.
  • The websites are also optimized for mobile, computer, laptop and tablets so that maximum number of users can access the site. Business owners need not worry about their website responsiveness and speed because Trip Mega Mart websites are designed with a robust backend to sustain heavy web traffic.

Web designers and travel portal developers in Europe

  • White label websites reduce the time, cost and difficulty of creating travel portals. But Trip Mega Mart ensures that in spite of the lower cost and pre-built framework, each and every website retains its own uniqueness. Their website package includes some basic customizations like adding the business name and brand logo. The business owners can also pay to make other changes to the design to better suit their demographic of customers.
  • But the most important factor for travel portal developers and designers is usability. No customer wants to waste their time and effort on navigating a website that is difficult to navigate and use. So Trip Mega Mart’s team of skilled web designers works tirelessly to ensure that all websites can be used intuitively.
  • The website design also helps to build a brand identity for the business and can be utilized for marketing campaigns. White label websites are almost self-sufficient business models, the business owners only have to use their skills in marketing their site and bringing in more and more customers.

Cost to develop a travel portal solution online in Europe

  • Trip Mega Mart white label websites are very reasonably priced with multiple plans available for different budgets and business requirements. Each plan covers certain specific features and customizations. Clients can always pay small extra fees to add more customizations to their plan. Individual portals for travel agents are also available and can be built into the travel portal framework for a minor charge.
  • But the most important expenditure for Trip Mega Mart clients is their annual fee which is 15% of the original amount they paid for the website. This payment is needed for the API service and website maintenance activities.
  • White label travel portals are great low investment business options for new business owners. They offer the freedom and flexibility of owning a business without requiring too much capital and hands-on involvement from the business owner. So, if you are planning to venture into the business world but do not want to take too many risks then a travel portal from Trip Mega Mart can be the best choice for you. It has all the perks of a profitable business model and yet requires very little time and money from the owner.

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