Travel Start-ups Ideas in Europe

Travel Start-ups Ideas in Europe

You might be that passionate and fervent traveller wanting to start travel agency business in Europe. You could be looking for travel start-ups ideas in Europe. The good news is that travel is still a hot market in Europe. And it is a perennial market – meaning that it has evergreen demand. But how do you get started? What is the cost to start online travel agency business in Europe? Do you get yourself a Trip Mega Mart ready-made travel portal and just start taking bookings? Or is there a niche that you can fulfil that you are unaware of? What are the benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Europe?

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The following information helps you to understand how to start travel agency business in Europe with some travel services that you can provide.

Traveling personal assistance

You can setup a travel virtual assistance service exclusively or as a feature when you start travel agency business online in Europe. Use a Trip Mega Mart customized travel website for this. Via this travel portal from this international travel portal development in Europe firm, you can provide travel advisory, travel service advice, geography information, flight booking information, accommodation expenses and more. Travelers going to places in Europe such as Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Spain etc. love this type of service.

You can even provide these services with a regular flight, hotel, car, bike, accommodation, tours booking service when you start travel business from home in Europe. Ask Trip Mega Mart, the B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe firm, to build you a customized travel portal that has a full-fledged virtual assistance service. This could be a unique selling proposition for your travel services. Customers are of many types. There are the ones who don’t want to read a lot of fine print. They want ready answers. This type of platform is very helpful for them.

Travel blogging

You could be surprised about this fact – but travel blogs are used seriously by people as valid sources of truth. Add some photographs, videos to your travel blog as part of the travel portal development in Europe, and then your travel blog could be like the beacon in the sea for millions of travellers. So, on your Trip Mega Mart travel portal put up a blogging platform. Put up some really good blog posts – with photographs, info graphics and what not. Do not leave any stone unturned on the travel website development in Europe when it comes to blogs.

Travel blogging or vlogging is serious work. Ensure that the information is accurate. Travelers are relying on the information you provide. The information you provide has to be either accurate or shouldn’t be published – nothing in between. Whilst setting up a travel agency business in Europe, it’s always a good idea to have a blog as a supplement to a full-fledged travel service via a Trip Mega Mart travel portal.


Tying travel to events is a great way to provide travel services in Europe. There are seminars, conferences, shows, programs, and several other events happening in Europe. You can setup a section on your travel portal from Trip Mega Mart, dedicated to this activity.

Let’s assume that there is a rock concert in Europe. People are trying to reserve accommodations, book flights, book travel services on your portal. You can direct them to your events sub-portal. There they can not only book the travel services, but also use several other services displayed to them by marketers. They can take part in loyalty programs, make use of promotions, discounts etc.

You can also use Trip Mega MartB2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe travel solutions to setup integrations with online stores. You can integrate as many online stores you want. So that marketers for these stores can setup customer schemes and associated travel services. This way your business will flourish. Your customers will be happy. And your travel start-ups ideas in Europe will be a huge success.


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