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The development of the tourism industry is high on the list for the United Kingdom. So, it is a good time to start travel agency business in Europe for UK tourism. Over the past several years, inbound traveller visits average at about 41 million. So, the UK ranks twelfth in the number of inbound tourists. This means that there are about 0.6 tourists per UK resident.

It is quite high considering UK’s size and population density. So, the way how to start travel agency business in Europe is to have inbound traveller specific functionality using an automated Trip Mega Mart travel portal.

The tourism sector generates more than $ 45 billion yearly for the UK. Considering the enormity of the market, it is an ideal situation to start international travel agency business in Europe for UK. London remains the most popular destination in the UK for tourists. This city is the 5th most visited in the world with an average of about 19 million visitors.

How can travel agencies leverage travel portal development to become successful?

Manage tourism productivity online

Tourism productivity is a combination of various factors. UK tourism has been struggling with this aspect. Those wishing to start travel agency business online in Europe can focus on tackling this challenge through Trip Mega Mart automation.

Tourism productivity is a combination of people, their skills, demand variation, measurement of performance, level of digitization of services, capital, and tourism infrastructure. So, one of the ways how to start travel business online in Europe for UK is to bring in Trip Mega Mart automation at all levels in the tourism lifecycle. A travel agency can help improve tourism productivity up to a great degree using an automated solution.

For example, a travel agency can have a management portal. The management portal can be used to aggregate service providers – either agents or companies. The management portal can have functionality that measures service levels. The service levels can function as indicators of service performance. This can increase people productivity and provide insight into their skills.

Help with niche tours such as castle tours

English castle tours are popular in the UK. Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle, Warwick Castle, Dover Castle, and Hampton Court are some of the popular castles. Visitors not only want to visit these places, but also want to participate in events and associated experiences. A travel agency or anyone planning to start travel business from home in Europe can provide such information on their sites.

At low cost to start online travel agency business in Europe, such ideas to start online travel agency business in Europe can be implemented by utilizing the many benefits of white label travel portal in Europe built by Trip Mega Mart. The information can be actionable so that travelers can make bookings from within the informational context.

These are also called heritage tours by travel franchise opportunities in Europe. Various service providers and travel start-up opportunities in Europe market these tours under various headings. A travel agency can integrate such service providers using Trip Mega Mart B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe and B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe.

The service providers can offer their differentiated services at competitive price points using Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe technological infrastructure. Travelers can make informed decisions. They also have innumerable choices. They can book a mix and match of services from various service providers. The travel portal should be able to help visitors manage multi-service provider bookings all in one place.

Inbound football tourism

Football is popular in England. The game is popular in several other countries. English Premier League teams have a huge fan following in many countries. Many of these fans and their families want to visit the UK to watch these football games. They want to support their favourite teams. They want to experience the thrill of watching their favourite team on their home turf.

But there are only few travel agencies that provide specialized services for football tourism. The scope of the services provided is limited. The ones who do, use Trip Mega Mart B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe to facilitate this.

This type of travel portal development in Europe can be done at low travel portal development cost in Europe. This is the preferred way how to develop travel portal in Europe. Online travel portal development in Europe by Trip Mega Mart international travel portal development in Europe focuses on cost-efficient portal development.

Travel agencies can use this opportunity to provide 360 degrees comprehensive services for football fans by using portal development technologies of a White Label Travel Portal Development Company in Europe. This will enable football fans to visit the UK and fulfil all their sporting sojourns and wishes. It will start new and larger streams of revenue for travel agencies.

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