White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe

White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe

European countries like France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and others together attract almost 700 million international tourists annually.

There are many beautiful countries in Europe and there is also a general safety and ease of travel across the different countries. So, travel and tourism has become a million dollar industry in Europe.

There are numerous travel agencies operating in different European countries and competing with each other. Now in order to stand out and carve out their own niche travel agencies are creating online portals with attractive service features.

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Start Travel Agency Business Online in Europe

The most convenient method for travel businesses to expand their business online is with the help of a firm providing B2B white label travel portal development in Europe. Trip Mega Mart is the top travel portal development company in Europe. Their services include GDS flight API integration in Europe. This is an imperative for all travel portals because the API service collects and produces real time data about flights and hotels so that customers can make their reservations directly from the site.

This also requires the travel portal to have its own in-built payment portal. The Trip Mega Mart travel portal payment gateways are known for their one-click efficiency and high-speed processing. The payment gateways are also highly secure. Trip Mega Mart designs their payment portals in such a way that it is also very easy to integrate with third party gateways.

Trip Mega Mart travel portals are also appreciated in the travel business community because of their scalability of operations. A local level business can easily be extended into an international level travel agency. The websites also come with many admin access features. This allows admins with minimal technical knowledge to easily make minor changes on the website.

Travel website development in Europe

Trip Mega Mart travel websites have many interesting features to keep customers entertained. The portals are all very fast loading and are optimized for view on multiple devices and software applications. Customers can use their phones or their laptops to connect to the travel portal and book their trip. Flights, hotels, car reservations and even tour packages are available on the websites. These websites are able to handle high volume of visitors without compromising on the website speed.

Trip Mega Mart is seen as one of the top white label travel website providers in Europe not only because of their efficient service features, but also because of the design quality of the websites which increase their marketability. When a website has a good aesthetic in tune with the target audience of the business, then it becomes much easier to advertise and create brand awareness for the business.

Trip Mega Mart online travel portal development in Europe includes a team of specialized web designers. All the websites are customized. Every customer gets to add their branding to their portal. Additional customizations can also be requested and the customer can make some decisions about the colours, fonts and other design elements on the website.

Each Trip Mega Mart website is therefore unique. It can be modified to fit exactly into the aesthetic sensibilities of the target audience for a particular business. The websites contain some very interesting design embellishments. But the overall priority of all designing remains user-friendliness. Every website has to be responsive and provide accessibility to all users.

Trip Mega Mart ensures that anyone with just basic knowledge of operating digital devices will be able to navigate the travel portal and utilize all the features of the website. The intuitive usage of the website makes it most attractive for customers as well as business owners.

White label Travel Website Cost in Europe

Online businesses are typically lower investment than traditional businesses which require lots of fixed asset investments and infrastructural costs. Among digital businesses again white label websites are lower expenditure than developing a new website right from the scratch. But this does not mean that every firm offers their travel portal solution online in Europe at the same cost.

Trip Mega Mart provides their travel portals at a very affordable rate. There are different travel portal plans at different expenses. Business owners can choose the plan that best fits into their requirements. Travel agent portals are also available and can be added on the main travel portal. Some additional customization costs may be charged according to the requests of the client for their website.

Trip Mega Mart also charges a small annual fee. This is just 25% of the total website development cost and includes maintenance of the website as well as API supply for flight and hotel bookings.

Every year the number of visitors going to Europe is increasing by the millions. All kinds of travellers whether it be families travelling together or young solo travellers on their first vacation, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Europe. So, aspiring business owners should get in on this exciting and expanding travel market in Europe with the help of Trip Mega Mart.


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