Start Travel Agency Business in Europe

Start Travel Agency Business in Europe

For decades, European tourism has soared due to the enormous appeal of Paris, Rome, Venice, and London. In recent years, less-explored European nations like Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, Iceland, and others have gained popularity. You can always locate and design an intriguing itinerary in Europe, no matter your tastes or budget.


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Foreign investors are also interested in tourism regulations, notably, since the EU recently amended the Tourism Ordinance to make licensing travel agencies and tour operators with the Tourism ministry easier. Foreign entrepreneurs can start online travel businesses in Europe, just like locals, by following the Tourism Law's rules. Are you getting ideas to start travel business from home in Europe?

The European business formation experts can explain the Tourism Code. One can also set up other sorts of enterprises in Europe with the help of local experts. Trip Mega Mart will help any international investors that want to conduct business in Europe. They are a travel portal development company that can assist you for how to start travel business online in Europe. Looking out travel franchise opportunities in Europe? Then here is your chance.

1. Choosing a kind of travel agency business in Europe

The first step in starting a travel agency in Europe is to choose a business form. Foreign investors have numerous options, including sole proprietorships, which require a residency visa. Also, this basic business form is only for small businesses.

The alliance is a suitable alternative for individuals who are not familiar with the regulations and who can depend on an EU business partner to succeed.

One such business structure that one may utilize to start a travel agency in Europe is a private limited liability company.

The European business formation experts such as Trip Mega Mart can help foreign investors register any travel agency structure.

2. Company registration for a tourism agency in Europe

The first step in starting a travel agency is registering a corporation in Europe, as this firm will be selling vacation packages. Travel agencies and tour operators operating in Europe must comply with the European Union's Commercial Code and Tourism Law standards. In Europe, the most common structure for a travel agency is a limited liability corporation. The travel agency will get its registration number after the firm registration.

Company formation consultants in Europe can help international investors who wish to set up a travel business.

The company's statutory documents must specify:

  • The business's object of activity, including the NACE code;
  • Information on the directors and owners of the company;
  • A receipt indicating the company's share capital; and
  • The company's registered address (a legal permanent address is a need for any European business).
Foreign travel companies can also open branches in Europe to access the market more easily under the able guidance of Trip Mega Mart.

3. European tour operators' types

Foreign investors who operate travel companies in Europe can provide inbound and outbound tours. The agencies can only offer and organize excursions within the nation as inbound operators. The agencies can provide and organize excursions outside the country as outbound operators. A Travel agency in Europe may also secure permits for both incoming and outbound travel with the help of Trip Mega Mart.

Notably, one must negotiate particular insurance plans with European insurance firms. These policies are designed for this sort of behaviour. A financial certificate indicating the business owner's excellent financial position will also be required when applying for the appropriate permits. The certification will be accompanied by a declaration of the company's operations.

Inbound tour operators thrive in Europe since it is a popular vacation destination. The tourist industry relies on several sectors, including memorial tours, beach vacations, and corporate excursions from Germany, the UK, and even Japan.

Cycling tourism is a new phenomenon in Europe's tourist business.

4. Travel agency licensing in Europe

Travel business in Europe has to follow all EU regulations governing travel agencies, travel agents, and tour operators. By law, all European travel agents and travel agencies must register with the EU's unique system. Travel agents will be charged a flat cost.

Travel agencies can also get an IATA license. IATA must bring the following papers from the European company:

  • A copy of the registration certificate of the agency;
  • A copy of the company's articles of organization;
  • A photocopy of the KBIS extract;
  • A bank statement;
  • Photographs of the premises;

5. Tour operators' duties in Europe

Once registered and regulated, a Travel agency in Europe must follow the Tourism Law and the EU's international rules.

A Travel agency in Europe's duties includes selling excursions, vacation packages, and tickets. However, the selling of all these services must comply with international tourist rules.

One must give all services based on a contract that includes all fees associated with the service. It must also notify the client of:- The vacation duration (days) and itinerary (if relevant); - Information about transit, departure time, and connections; - Information about the hotel (site, type, etc.); - Information about additional services, such as trips or excursions.

If you wish to start a travel agency and need help forming the firm, the local experts can provide extra information on the legalities of European tour operators. Also, you can contact Trip Mega Mart, a Travel Website/Portal Design & Development company that offers its complete range of travel portal development services at a bearable cost.


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