B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe

B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Europe

France is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. This is closely followed by other European countries like Italy and Spain. Every single year, there are millions of tourists from all corners of the world who fly into Europe to enjoy the sights, the culture and the food of the different European countries.

Tourism is a major contributor to the European economy. There are numerous travel agencies operating in Europe and now there is a growing online travel portal market as well. These travel portals are utilizing the power of the internet to advertise their services to a wide range of customer and expand their business into different parts of the globe.

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International Travel Portal Development in Europe

Trip Mega Mart is a major travel technology solutions company in Europe. They create B2B white label travel portals with all necessary travel related features in-built into the portal. The portals come with GDS flight API integration in Europe. They also use the industry’s leading API providers for their websites. This API system collects real time data from multiple sources so that customers on the website get access to the latest updates and their bookings can be processed instantly.

Direct bookings from the website also require the development of payment portals within the website. Trip Mega Mart payment portals guarantee secure payments that can be completed with just a click. The portals are also made conducive to easy third party payment gateway integrations.

Trip Mega Mart travel website development in Europe is also focused on building websites with a strong backend system. These websites retain their speed and efficiency when handling high traffic. The websites are also optimized for all kinds of devices and browser applications. Androids, iPhones, computers, tablets all provide the full functional view of the websites.

Trip Mega Mart websites also have great admin access. This means that business owners can make their own minor modifications to the list of services and prices on the website without needing to hire dedicated technical teams.

Start travel business from home in Europe

Trip Mega Mart gives business owners the opportunity to start a business right from the comfort of their own home. There is no office infrastructure needed to start an online business. Business owners can purchase their white label website and start their business from home.

Trip Mega Mart websites are highly scalable which means that the same website can be used be locally and then expanded to operate regionally or internationally. Their websites also have their own unique features which make them easier to market.

The Trip Mega Mart team customizes each and every website. The logo and business name of the client business is added to the website according to the client’s preference. The client can work with the design team to make additional modifications to the user-interface as well, but these modifications will be charged.

But it is not only the attractive look of these websites that makes them special. Trip Mega Mart offers high levels of ease of usage. Any user with rudimentary computer skills can also use the website intuitively without needing any training. The user-friendliness of the Trip Mega Mart portals makes them very appealing to customers who can complete their tasks easily and quickly.

Travel portal development cost in Europe: manage your expenses

Travel portal development can be expensive due to the API requirements and payment portals needed to keep the business running. So, most business owners prefer the much cheaper option of buying a white label travel portal to start their business. Trip Mega Mart travel websites are very competitively priced. There are different plans at different price points and each price point offers its own set of features and services. There is also the option of adding individual travel agent portals to the website by paying a small extra fee.

Trip Mega Mart charges their clients an annual maintenance fee, but this fee is not very high. This fee is 25% of the total original website plan chosen by the client.

There is always much to look forward to with Trip Mega Mart’s travel website development in Europe. They employ a skilled team of developers and designers to create websites that combine efficiency with user-friendliness and yet retain a signature aesthetic that can popularize the website.

Their websites can be designed to fit into the sensibilities of any target audience. This website service when paired with other good quality business services, it can lead to the creation of a very successful business. The travel market in Europe is intensely competitive.

There are hundreds businesses competing to gain a share in the market. But some smart marketing campaigns and understanding the market requirements can help clients create a business that can outpace the competition. So contact Trip Mega Mart today and get your own personalized quotation so that you can start saving up immediately for your low investment but high return online travel business model.


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