Maximize Your Travel Business Potential: Discover TripMegaMart's Travel Portal Admin Panel Features

Insightful Dashboard

Gain a comprehensive view of your portal's performance, covering booking metrics, traveler statistics, agent insights, and more.

Global Admin Settings

Easily customize key aspects of your system, from personal profile details to homepage aesthetics, theme colors, and sub-administrator management.

Efficient Order Management

Track and manage all orders seamlessly, including car rentals, tours, flights, and hotel accommodations, ensuring smooth customer service.

Streamlined Traveler Management

Fine-tune convenience fees, set traveler markups, and oversee a centralized list of registered travelers for optimal service delivery.

Financial Transparency

Obtain a detailed overview of your portal's financial transactions, with logs of credits and debits across all services, and a comprehensive transaction history.

Offline Booking Convenience

Conduct bookings for walk-in clients directly through the portal, enhancing convenience and efficiency for both administrators and customers.

Seamless Flight Quotation Sharing

Share flight quotations with clients effortlessly via WhatsApp or email, or simply copy them for client use, simplifying the booking process.

Dynamic B2B Agent Management

Empower your brand with unlimited B2B agents, each customizable with individual markups and booking management capabilities.

Manage Coupon Code

The Manage Coupon Code feature allows you to easily handle and create coupon codes.

Effortless Tour Marketplace Management

Efficiently manage tour packages, destinations, and categories, showcasing featured destinations and enhancing user engagement.

Simplified Car Rental Marketplace Management

Optimize your car rental services with featured packages and streamlined management of car types and cities for a seamless customer experience.

Versatile Hotel Marketplace Management

Effortlessly manage hotel amenities, room listings, and city destinations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free booking process for travelers.

Comprehensive Cruise Marketplace Management

Manage cruise packages, ports, and names with ease, enhancing the variety and appeal of your travel offerings.

Efficient Invoice and Quotation Management

Generate and manage invoices and quotations seamlessly, ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial transactions.

Robust Support Ticket System

- Access support services and resources seamlessly, ensuring timely resolution of queries and concerns.

Interactive Demo Version

Explore the functionalities of our portal with our interactive demo version, providing a glimpse into its capabilities before implementation.

Demo Version

Kindly be aware that the demo version is designed solely for showing how things work and won't retain any modifications. Your version will synchronize with your live website, ensuring that all features operate seamlessly.

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