White label Travel Website Cost in Europe

White label Travel Website Cost in Europe

Online portals have become a popular means for conducting businesses. There are many industries that are enjoying a global presence with online operations. Same is with the travel industry.

Travel portals are seen as a convenient way to start travel businesses in countries like Europe. Places like Spain, Italy, France, and Germany witness huge crowds of tourists every year. Catering to this giant tourism sector of Europe is possible when you have white label portals to function from. White label travel website cost in Europe is not much when you have companies like Trip Mega Mart to assist you.

What are White Label Portals?

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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White label websites are created by a third party that allows its customers to use the platform and sell products. As a white label travel portal owner, you can either let travel service providers sell their products to customers through another company or sell directly to end customers. When another company is involved before the product reaches the customer, it is called a B2B website. When your partner company sells to travelers, it is called a B2C website. There are various advantages that both kinds of websites offer.

Benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Europe

● White label portals are cost effective. A major saving occurs from not building the website from scratch. As website developers like Trip Mega Mart design the platforms with all the essential features, you spend on add-ons and the integration of features that are specifically needed for your business.

● Setting up a travel agency business in Europe becomes much faster with white label portals. With no time spent on designing the blueprint, you can make your portal live within a short period. You can easily rebrand products and resell them as your own.

● B2B white label travel portal development in Europe allows travel agents to provide various travel products to customers. Collaborating with potential travel service providers means you can offer a range of travel solutions to your customers. You can let customers make reservations online as per their convenience. They can also reschedule or cancel bookings against some or no charges.

Travel Website Development Cost in Europe

The cost of travel website development in Europe depends on many factors. The features of your travel portal plays a significant role in determining the cost. Here are some essential features that a travel portal must have for growth of the business.

● Mobile friendly design that can allow travelers to access your portal from any location and at any time

● Services like GDS flight API integration in Europe as well as hotel booking so that customers can make reservations directly from the portal without being directed to some other page or portal

● Your travel portal must be flexible for the addition of features so that you can keep pace with the new developments in the tourism sector

● Reliable payment gateway, such as those created by Trip Mega Mart, so that it can support multi currency transactions for the ease of customers making bookings from different countries

● Multilingual content so that customers of different states and countries can use your service to plan their tour

● Real time access of hotel and other services that can let customers stay informed of what is available and make their schedule accordingly

● Your portal must allow you to track bookings and prepare business reports based on the transactions occurred so that you need not to consult any other CRM system to maintain your business record

With these features in view, you can consult white label travel website providers in Europe like Trip Mega Mart and get a price quote. Software developing companies provide competitive rates based on the needs of customers. As the features mentioned are some of the key ones, you can ask for package deals. If the focus of your travel business is on a specific domain, then it would be better to ask the developer to integrate features specific to that domain. For instance, if you only wish to offer hotel booking facilities, then flight integration would be an unwanted expense for you.

Travel Technology Solutions Company in Europe

Besides the features of your portal, there are other important factors that determine the cost of online travel portal development in Europe.

● The location of the website development team you choose; onshore companies like Trip Mega Mart are more affordable than offshore companies

● The more experience and skill the development team has, the higher will be their charges

● Portals that have high-end security settings such as 3D codes for verification will result in additional charges

White label portals are, thus, your go-to platforms if you want to start a travel business in Europe. The cost of developing the website depends on the features you add as well as the company you hire for the job. Trip Mega Mart can provide you the best travel portal at an affordable price. With an efficient portal, you can successfully conduct business in Europe.


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